April Showers bring May Flowers (Pilgrims not included)

In honor of Earth Day this month, SGT asked bloggers to tell us about their favorite gardens from around the world. Read on for stories from classic (Central Park) to exotic (The Exotic Garden of Monaco) green spaces.

The Botanical Gardens in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hayley from Savvy Girl Travel

montreal botanical garden olympic stadium

View of the Olympic Stadium from Montreal’s Botanical Gardens

When most people think of Montreal, they think of snow. But believe it or not, the city boasts some elaborate green spaces as well. Summer Sundays at the TamTams in Parc Mont Royal comes to mind (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a huge drum circle/festival atmosphere. Jimi Hendrix usually makes an appearance. Seriously). But my all-time favorite garden in Montreal is the Botanical Garden. In 2008 it was designated a National Historic Site of Canada and is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world due to the extent of its collections and facilities.

montreal botanical garden chinese pavilion

The Chinese Pavilion in Montreal’s Botanical Gardens

You can spend hours roaming the nearly 200-acre park and exploring the facilities, including a Japanese zen garden and educational center, a Chinese pavilion, as well as an extensive bonsai tree collection. Sprinkled throughout the park, you’ll also find various sculptures. When I was there in 2010/11 there was a collection of abstract statues representing different movements in Tai Chi. The best part was trying to find all of them scattered throughout the park.

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