Vrelo Bosne in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ariana from The Bosnian Aussie

Hidden away on the outskirts of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, is Vrelo Bosne- a lush oasis perfect for a day trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This garden is the spring of the river Bosna, (for which the country was named) and is beautiful year round — in springtime when the flowers begin to bloom, to the cool breeze from the Igman mountain on a hot summer’s day, to the fallen orange/brown/purple leaves of Autumn covering the ground, and the chilly white winters making the snow shimmer in the sunshine.Vrelo Bosne in Bosnia

With plenty of small waterfalls gushing out onto the rocks, lush greenery and arched wooden bridges, it is an idyllic spot for lovebirds, families and bloggers/photographers alike. I highly recommend taking a ride in the horse and carriage (costs about 15KM each way). It transports you back into the Austro-Hungarian days and will take you down a long tree-lined Aleja closed off to vehicle traffic, perfect for a walk or bike ride.Vrelo Bosne in Bosnia by the Bosnian Aussie

This hidden paradise is a must when visiting Sarajevo. There is a small entry fee, and the park can be easily reached by taxis, as it’s very cheap in Bosnia to travel by taxi. Otherwise you can take a tram into Ilidža (1.80KM), then about a 20 minute walk to the entry, where the horses & carriages are.

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