The Lost Gardens in Heligan, Cornwall, UK

Anna from Travel with Penelope and Parker

Only recently rediscovered, restored, and thankfully opened to the public, Heligan’s Lost Gardens fell into disrepair when its gardeners went to fight in WWI.The Lost Garden in Heligan, Cornwall, UK

We arrived early on a sunny Easter Sunday to see the gardens at their best. The gardens are renowned for being magical — like being in Narnia. Their verdant woodland walk is best known for its incredible mud sculptures, and the jungle area is colourful even in early spring. We crossed a rope bridge to explore a series of pools then wandered around the perfectly manicured northern gardens and flower garden surrounding the private house. In the nearby greenhouse, the floral colours were magnified by sunlight, and the aroma was divine. The Lost Garden in Heligan, Cornwall, UK

Heligan is also home to many animals — we loved the lambs and watching the pigs sleep in the sunshine while the cows grazed in a paddock. The wider estate is expansive and there are plenty of paths and quiet picnic spots to enjoy — be sure to pack your walking boots.The Lost Garden in Heligan, Cornwall, UK

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