Last week, I asked 10 travel bloggers to identify their favorite winter travel spots, send in a picture, and an explanation of why they love their destinations so much. From tropical islands to winter ice palaces, their answers are all over the board! Take a look and see what you think. You may be surprised — and hopefully inspired to look into somewhere different next time you take a winter vacay!

Don’t forget to leave a note in the comments about YOUR favorite winter destination!

MontanaBozeman, Montana, USA

Hayley from Savvy Girl Travel

Starting with my personal favorite, Bozeman, Montana. There is something about waking up in the morning and knowing there will be snow on the ground. Lots of snow. There’s something about the daily rituals a dry, cold climate requires: the daily application of lotion on dry skin — extending your hand as far as it will reach to smear it across your back, the humidifier that hums every night and needs to be emptied in the morning, the slow, patient way you learn to put on your clothes — socks to the knee, leggings to the waist, jeans and belt one loop at a time, long sleeve shirt tucked into wind pants, fleece zipped halfway, neck-warmer stretched to avoid your mascara as you pull it over your face, headband, overcoat: right arm first then left, gloves — lace your fingers to make them fit. Boots on last; slip your feet into them as you walk out the door. They’re always surrounded by a small puddle of melted snow.