ReykjavikReykjavik, Iceland

Jessica from Journeys with Jessica

Reykjavik is on many people’s wish lists for 2015 adventures! The city is home to a large range of museums, shops, bars and cafes and the nightlife is brilliant. The locals certainly know how to do a pub crawl! Iceland is famed for its hot water swimming pools and there are plenty of those around. A visit to the amazing blue lagoon is an absolute must; spend hours relaxing in the 40 degree healing pools whilst having a face mask and making use of the sauna and other spa facilities…What’s not to love?!

The Gullfoss and Geysir excursion is also worth a visit. Don’t miss the strokkur geyser that shoots boiling hot water as much as 40m into the air every 4-8 mins as well as the amazing Gullfoss waterfall which is more powerful than Niagra falls!

There’s also a recreation centre in the edge of the city with an ice skating rink, botanical gardens and family zoo. The famous Harpa building (concert venue) and Hallgrimskirkja church are also well known landmarks.
Reykjavik makes the perfect winter holiday for anyone wanting to do something a little bit different!

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