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Cut the Souvenir Budget

Many of us constant travelers find ourselves in a bit of a dilemma: how to pick up a little memory of a place without breaking the budget or adding too much weight to our packs? A couple other stipulations: it has to be significant, and it has to help us remember details (address/specific locations, people’s names, etc).

Here are a few things that I like to collect out and about that often feel more sentimental than the mass-produced key chain or shot glass.

1) Ticket Stubs and Program booklets

These aren’t free per se since presumably you had to pay for the performance/train ride/museum/etc. But keeping the ticket stub is a nice alternative to buying another expensive souvenir from the museum shop or the “official program” of the show. Many performances will provide free programs that you can take home with you (think Broadway) that include the names and background on each of the cast members as well as a plot summary, etc. I like to keep movie stubs, too, and stick them all in a scrap book so looking back on things I can remember which movies came out that year and how I felt about them.

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