This week, SGT asked bloggers about their favorite hikes around the world.

We received stories from Switzerland to Norway to the US, as well as some breathtaking photographs to go along with them. Have a look below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Holborn Head, Scrabster, Scotland

Hayley from Savvy Girl Travel

We were the only tourists in Thurso in January, and it was obvious. Is it cold?? my sister asked. Cold, yes, freezing, no. You would think that one of the most northerly points in mainland Scotland would see some snow in January. But there was only rain and a salty wind off the sea.

On our last day there, we decided to pursue a favorite British pastime: hill-walking. It’s a bit of a misnomer, really, as “walking” implies leisure. We Americans like to use the word hiking to describe the same thing hill-walking means to the Brits. scrabster scotland ferry coming inWe walked through town to the nearby sea port of Scrabster. From here, we watched the red ferry-boats coming and going across the ocean, maybe to Orkney, maybe to somewhere else. When we reached the end of the road, we crossed into pastureland, following a map that wasn’t quite right but was better than the spotty cell service. Scrabster Scotland Holborn Head Hike CliffsSoon the trail turned into a sheep path only a few feet from a sheer drop several stories high. There was no fence to keep us from falling off the cliff, there was nothing to keep us from leaping to see if we could fly. Scrabster Scotland Holburn Head Hike Old Stone WallWe never saw another person on the trail, but we did come across several interesting artifacts: an old quarry and the remains of a caretaker’s house, a couple ancient stone walls, some giant white windmills miles in the distance, and lots and lots of sheep.

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