Zermatt, Switzerland

Maaike from Travellous World

Camping in Zermatt, Switzerland is something else entirely. The famous Matterhorn forms the backdrop of this hikers’ heaven. With only one campsite in town and no cars allowed, it can get a bit tricky to get your camping gear up there.Matterhorn Camp site Zermatt Switzerland Maaike van Kuijk

In the summer of 2013, a friend and I went on a road trip in her home country Switzerland. When we neared Zermatt, my heart started to beat faster. I had visited the town before with my parents, and have very dear memories of the place.

We parked our car in Täsch, a little town about a kilometer from Zermatt. This is the last town you can reach by car before the campgrounds. We unpacked everything from the car (sadly, we didn’t have proper backpacks at our disposal), and maneuvered our way to the train that brought us up to Zermatt.

Camping Matterhorn is a 2 minute walk from the train station. It’s a small camp site, with basics such as a shower house and a reception. But you don’t travel to a campsite in Zermatt for luxury.Camp site Zermatt Switzerland Maaike van Kuijk

The place is an ideal starting point for some of the most beautiful hikes in Europe: long hikes, short hikes, starting from the charming town or higher up in the mountains, there are all kinds of possibilities. The views are breathtaking!

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