Mount Rainier National Park, USA

Jennifer from Made All the Difference

Mount Rainier National Park Jennifer MelroyMy favorite hiking trail is 22.2 miles from Sunrise to Box Canyon, a section of the 92-mile Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park. I recommend hiking this trail as a three-day “easy backpack” with overnight camping at Summerland and Indian Bar (though it can be done in two days). Both campsites have a Civilian Conservation Corp structure. The trail has three sections:

  1. Sunrise to Summerland. Summerland is an alpine meadow known for its wildflowers and friendly marmots.
  2. The climb to Panhandle Gap, which is the highest point on Wonderland. From here you enter the Ohanapecosh Park, home of the Ohanapecosh Glacier. (Oh-HAN-uh-puh-cosh!) You descend to the Ohanapecosh River and cross to arrive at Indian Bar. This is one of the prettiest back-country camps in the United States National Park system.
  3. You climb out of the river valley to a knoll that provides uninterrupted views of Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Nelson Ridge, and Shriner Peak. The trail descends into an old-growth forest. You emerge from the forest at Box Canyon.

    Ohanapecosh River Mount Rainier National Park Jennifer Melroy

    Ohanapecosh River

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