Trolltunga, Norway

Shelly and Jimmie from Norway to Nowhere

Trolltunga is a cliff that juts out over the side of a towering mountain, with nothing below it for 700 meters. It is a 22 kilometer round-trip trek to the “Troll’s Tongue,” where hikers are rewarded with one of the most surreal views imaginable. It has become an increasingly popular destination for thrill seekers and hikers who want to feel the rush of dangling their legs over the edge with literally nothing to catch them. It is certainly not for the faint of heart! Trolltunga Adventurous Hike, Norway to NowhereIt took us 11 painful hours to get there and back. Even though we would gruffly complain about how “we’re never doing anything like that again, ever,” now that we’ve had a little while to reflect on it, we are so happy that we did accomplish it. We’ve even been talking about hiking it again one day, but only when we are in much better shape than we were the first time around! The views are memories that we will never forget in our lifetime. That may sound over-dramatic, but if you get up there and see it for yourself, you’ll know exactly what we mean.Trolltunga Adventurous Hike, Norway to Nowhere

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