Yosemite National Park, USA

Rebecca from Curate Your Own Adventure

My favourite park in the world is both serene and ever-changing, a park you can lose yourself in time and time again. I am talking about Yosemite National Park in California. No photographs can do this park justice. There is nothing quite like viewing El Capitan for the first time or witnessing the beauty of the numerous waterfalls hidden within. Hiking through this park will excite all your senses. Yosemite Park California Rebecca LushYosemite was protected as a National Park in 1864 and now welcomes over four million visitors per year. I visited Yosemite last year during winter. Although the park springs to life during the warmer months of the year, winter provided something quite unique. The sun was shining as I overlooked the forest juxtaposed against the jutting cliffs. Hiking through the park was a welcome reprieve from the bustling city of San Francisco. To me, Yosemite was much more than simply a park. It was only when I stepped in and surrounded myself with the nature and wildlife that I realized it was an oasis: my favourite park in the world.Yosemite Park California Rebecca Lush

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