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What does “road trip” mean to you?

Good friends, interesting scenery, an upbeat soundtrack or maybe an audiobook? It could be a time for self-reflection or story-telling with friends. Maybe it’s a time for you to make up a rap song about your life in order to stay awake (may or may not have done that myself…)?

Whatever your reason for taking one, the road trip is an accessible form of travel across the globe (even in 1960s Africa).

Here are a few stories and iconic trips from fellow travel bloggers.

South Carolina to Daytona, FL, USA

Hayley (formerly from Savvy Girl Travel)

Three best friends, six hours to drive (fully loaded, we’ve got snacks and supplies). I get to make the CDs. Under one condition: No Bob Marley. OK. How could someone dislike a little good reggae music? But there’s other beach music: when I was a kid, my parents often listened to the Beach Boys, though to me, their songs all sounded the same. And I had a trick up my sleeve à la John Mulaney.

So here’s what I did:

I burned six CDs, each one with about an hour’s worth of music on it. We started out with some old-school music from middle and high school (a little Sum41, Blink, Nelly, Backstreet Boys, etc), a bunch of sing-along Disney and country songs, and then: a CD full of the Beach Boys. Except I only included two Beach Boys songs, repeating them over and over for an hour, followed by, of course, Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” (Every little thing’s gonna be alright).

Daytona Road Trip Travel Writing WorkshopNow, I have to say, my poker face does not exist. The second we put the CD in, I started chuckling to myself like a crazy person.

“Surfin’ Safari” comes on. It fades out. It comes back on.

“This is a really long song,” my friend comments.

“Yeah,” I say, grinning.

A few minutes go by, the music becomes background noise. “Surfin’ USA” comes on. Fades out, and then back to “Surfin’ Safari”.

“Haven’t we heard this one already?” my friend asks.

“Oh, you know how all Beach Boys songs sound the same,” I say.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she says, turning to look out the window.

A few more plays later. “OK, we’ve definitely heard this one already.”

By the time Bob Marley comes on, I’m laughing hysterically.

“I guess this song isn’t that bad,” my friend concedes. Mission accomplished.

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