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The Icelandic Countryside

Sabina from Girl vs Globe

Iceland is the perfect place for a road trip. But not because the conditions are perfect, mind you. When I visited in May, some of the roads were still inaccessible, covered in snow and extremely treacherous. Our rental car was an old Toyota Corola which refused to cooperate half the time and slid around the road at will. There were rarely any other cars in sight — or gas stations, for that matter.Iceland Roadtrip Travel Writer WorkshopBut the views from the car were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, anywhere. I often felt like I was on another planet — or at least in a different era in which nature was still unspoilt and landscapes untouched. As we drove through lava fields, passed by snow capped mountains and looked over plains of yellow grass, my eyes were permanently glued to the window and they grew large with excitement at every turn.Icelandic Sunset Road Trip Travel Writing WorkshopThe highlight of the entire trip was driving back to Reykjavik from a day of exploring Kirkjufell mountain and its surroundings. My friend and I were sleepy, telling each other silly anecdotes to stay awake. We were hoping to see the northern lights, but not too optimistic. But suddenly Tom pointed toward the sky and exclaimed: “What’s that?!” I looked up and there was a faint gleam, traces of white fingers disturbing the midnight darkness. Suddenly the whole picture came alive in an ancient dance, more elegant than anything I’d ever seen before.

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