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Australia’s East Coast

Crystal from Poor Explorer

Girl With Tame Lorikeets Magnetic Island East Australia Road Trip Travel Blog Writing WorkshopThe afternoon sun blasted through the windows of the car, heating us up while the weak AC spluttered out more warm air. We were parked on the side of the highway and I was sardined in the back by three of my friends crammed in around me.

“Come Ooooooonnnn Nic, just come with us!” our happy screaming drifted over to the other car where our friend sat with her boyfriend, talking. “You can do stuff with him any time, come to Byron Bayyyyy”.

Finally she jumped out of the car smiling, and opened the boot of her boyfriend’s car to retrieve her bags. We whooped and cheered: Nic had decided to come with us, filling up our car entirely.byron bay beach summer girls travel writing road trip workshopsThe East Coast Road Trip in Australia is a famous one, and our destination; Byron Bay, is a travelling hippy hot spot. 8 hours of driving and we would be in surfing, beach-bum paradise. Bonfires, drinking, camping and huge parties awaited us. This was going to be the best New Years EVER!

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