Hayley Swinson Writer

Hayley Swinson was born in Columbia, SC, but has never felt more at home than when she is on the road. She attended the University of Richmond, VA where she received a bachelor’s degree in French and Creative Writing.

After graduating, she moved to Montreal, QC, Canada. She arrived with no job, no place to live, and with no contacts, but she had a work visa! Her very first job in the city was painting a mechanic’s garage, and she has done just about everything since.

After being accepted in the IATSE Local Union 491 as a costumer, she moved to Wilmington, NC to work in the film industry. She found some success there, but after a year and a half, decided to give her real passion, creative writing, a shot. She was accepted into the University of Edinburgh to study for a MSc in Creative Writing/Prose and completed her degree in August 2014.

Her work has been published in various outlets online and in print, including VALVE Journal, Focus on the Coast, Cape Fear Living Magazine, and Edinburgh City of Literature’s Story Shop, and she is currently working towards a MFA in creative writing with Queens University of Charlotte, expected completion Summer 2019.

She has many hobbies, loves to travel, and currently calls Wilmington, North Carolina home.