Hayley Medusa Hair

Yesterday was one of those days

You know, the kind where you’re feeling antsy because you have a lot to do, and yet you can’t seem to get anything done? On those days, I have a tendency to find other ways to feel “productive” since I can’t seem to concentrate on the important things. I do laundry, I aggressively clean my flat, I delete emails, I bake cakes.

Yesterday I decided to do something drastic to my hair. Having recently dyed my hair bright red — and then having to dye it brown again for a photoshoot (eventually resulting in a sort of plum color) — changing the color was out. And haircuts are expensive, so I decided to try a little trick a friend taught me a couple of years ago. I like to call it my Medusa Hairstyle.

Hayley Medusa HairSome days you just gotta wear your crazy on the outside

So basically, you take tinfoil strips and wrap your (damp) hair around them, then close each strip into a little ring to keep it from falling out. You can take a blow-dryer to it or let it sit overnight. I actually did both (you know, because I had so much to do and all).  It’s way more comfortable to sleep in than rollers and it’s much more effective. Though, be warned, I’ve had this ‘do turn out horrendously before. And if you take them out before your hair has completely dried it won’t be very effective.

What you see on the left there is after a good bit of taming (really). This morning when I ran into my flatmate in the kitchen before making any attempts at styling, it stuck out several inches all over my head, like some giant fluffy pin-cushion. My flatmate said I looked like I had “crazy bedhead”.

Channeling your energy

Maybe it was the blood moon yesterday (and full lunar eclipse that was sadly obscured by clouds in Scotland!), but I had a lot of restless energy that I was having difficulties channeling into work. But I’ve found that focus is the best friend of productivity. Usually if I have restless energy, I go to the gym or I write in my journal or find some other way to expend and “equalize” that energy. Yesterday it just happened to be turning my hair into Medusa’s. And I’m ok with that. Now onto more important things…