The Only Civilization…

We’re still giggling as we approach the tent and walk into what appears to be a shipping container. There’s a man sitting at a folding table illuminated by an orange light. It has the feel of an emergency shelter. He looks confused as we walk up, so I say, “Is there a show on tonight?”

His expression clears, “Yeah, it’s at 7:30. Doors open at 7:00.” He explains a little bit about the show and we purchase our tickets.

“Is there somewhere we can go until 7?”

Another man emerges from the big tent. He places a cigarette to his lips and lights it. “The only civilization around here is in town.” His voice has an edge of sarcasm, and he has an interesting accent. Australian. Or maybe South African. He takes a drag on his cig, points down the street, “That way.” Then he disappears.

We thank the man in the booth, who smiles sympathetically, then head towards town, on the opposite side of The Pond.

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