Finally, a post about Edinburgh

You may or may not know that I am in Edinburgh, Midlothian (yeah, Richmonders, I live in Midlothian), UK to do a year-long masters course in Creative Writing. I’ve been doing my best to slog through the pre-reading for my course, but I did manage to go out and do some shopping yesterday.

You had me at “vintage”

The path connecting two main squares of Edi Uni’s campus, George Square and Bristo Square (or Bistro Square as my dad kept calling it), is not long, but during Fresher’s week (orientation) walking down it is like running the gauntlet. Tons of club representatives shove pamphlets at you and at least half a dozen Dominoes workers with pizza-box-shaped signs attached to their shoulders halfheartedly swing bags of coupons in front of passersby, calling, “Free pizza!”

I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding eye contact and muttering terse no thank-yous whenever I’m apprehended at this intersection, but last week I got caught. One girl seemed particularly keen on blocking my way, and practically clothes-lined me with her outstretched arm and proffered handout. “No thank-” I began, but she was faster.

“Vintage clothing fair on Sunday!” she announced.

“Oh,” I stopped in my tracks, taking the bright yellow flyer, “alright.” I strode off, side-stepping a group of young guys waving posters and yelling, “Rock-n-roll and cheap booze!”

Judy’s Vintage Tea Party

Judy's Vintage Tea Party in Edinburgh, UK September 2013

It was about a 30-ish minute walk to the event, but most of it was through the Meadows, one of Edinburgh’s many large public parks, so I didn’t mind the trek. It was £2 to get in, and it was worth it. I walked in to an overwhelming amount of people, vintage clothes, jewelry, items, and Folsom Prison playing over a loud speaker. Everywhere I looked there was a girl with an interesting haircut, an ill-fitting faded dress and clip-on earrings, or a guy wearing a vest and a cap carrying a leather messenger bag that was falling apart. I had found my people.

Judy's Vintage Tea Party in Edinburgh, UK

Here’s What I bought

Though I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the people and vendors, I didn’t leave empty-handed.

Green Plaid Wool Poncho

Cute green plaid woolen poncho 1960s 1970s scotland Cute green plaid woolen poncho 1960s 1970s scotland Cute green plaid woolen poncho 1960s 1970s scotland

Green/Brown Plaid Wool Dress

Plaid Wool Dress 1970s Scotland Plaid Wool Dress 1970s Scotland Plaid Wool Dress 1970s Scotland

Stretchy Celtic Knot Belt

1980s Celtic Knot Stretchy Belt

I also got a pack of bridge cards from the 1960s, which is pretty cool since I collect playing cards. I haven’t photographed them, though, so you’ll just have to take my word on it.

Scotland’s biggest vintage event

Most of the vendors were very nice and willing to negotiate, though there was one absolutely adorable baby blue coat from the 60s (à la Holly Golightly) that was a little tight through the shoulders, but had they been willing to negotiate I so would have picked it up. I chatted for a minute with Fran from shop Goodbye, Norma Jean, where I got the poncho. She said that there are Judy’s Vintage events several times throughout the year in Edinburgh, and she’d come from out of town to participate. Apparently it’s Scotland’s biggest vintage event. Chances are you’ll see me at the next one on October 6th!