Come Wednesday I will be gone from Montreal for good and beginning my journey home. I am planning to take a good three weeks visiting friends and places I’ve never been before on my way home. Check out my planned route below. Google Maps Northeast Road Trip

Because of my plans, I am going to be changing the format of my blog a little bit. I’m going to focus on writing travel posts, so Music Monday may be neglected for a little while (although I have ideas for at least the next three MM’s…). Additionally, I will presumably be writing more than just one travel post a week as I will be in a new place every one to three days.

To follow the trip, check out the category Sept 2011 East Coast Road Trip.

I’m also beginning/continuing work on a number of new projects that I hope to pursue more seriously in the near future, including (but not limited to of course):

  • Creating a line of eco-friendly & fair trade Yoga mat bags
  • A new Etsy site to sell hand made Tarot Card Pouches as well as other hand made bags and jewelry centered around the theme of “good energy
  • Publication on my website of three Montreal itineraries for travelers
  • Creation of a webcomic (this idea is more in incubation stage…gotta work on my drawing skills!)
  • Completion of my after-college guidebook, “The Adventurous Girl’s Guide to Getting by after Graduation”

As you can see, I have quite a lot planned! I am also stoked about going home to see my newborn niece, Florence! Here’s a picture of her wearing a little fall dress I made for her.