I went to the Rusty Nail for the First time Ever on Tuesday

It just so happens that every Tuesday, and every 1st Saturday at 8pm,  The Rusty Nail hosts a Blues Jam. Having never been to a blues jam before (or the Rusty Nail for that matter), I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. As I crossed the threshold, I walked into a sea of jean and plaid. And none of it was worn ironically. A few people hovered around a pool table at the entrance, and others sat at 6 to 8-top tables tapping their toes in rhythm with the music.

Drunk or not Drunk

My date and I were the youngest people there by a decade or two, and we stuck out like a sore thumb. But nobody seemed to notice or care, so he and I pulled up some chairs and soon felt at ease. “Let’s play a game,” he said, “drunk or not drunk. Starting with the lead singer.” I glanced over at the woman behind the microphone. She was belting her heart out, and doing a mighty fine job of it, too. In between singing, she sipped on her drink and nodded her head with her eyes closed, swaying to the music. “That is a drunk face if I ever saw one,” I said.

Good Vibes

And that is the way this place rolls. People come on Tuesdays – it was pretty crowded – and they check their baggage at the door. They have a few beers and listen to soul-hardy music and they hoot and holler for the musicians (who were all on point regardless of how many beers deep they were). This is not a rough and rowdy crowd. There was not a single feeling of ill will floating around anywhere near that bar. And when we eventually left, the celebration was still going strong.

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