The International Poetry Festival, Nicaragua

Sky from Sky vs World

This February, a few days after I arrived in Granada, Nicaragua locals set up a giant stage in the middle of Parque Central. The main street through town was covered with pop-up tents. Why? The International Poetry Festival. I had no idea that poetry had such a large role in Latin American culture, but I gotta say Granada goes out all out for it.

Nicaragua's Intl Poetry Festival

On the first night at least half the town crowded into the main plaza for the first round of poetry readings and the next day, a parade ran from the Parque Central to the lake, complete with musical performances and fancy dresses. The festivities continued for a week and each day I found myself more and more impressed by the love and appreciation for poetry shown by the people of Nicaragua. Over 115 international poets performed, including 8 from the United States, and while I could not understand most of the poetry (many poets were from Latin American and performed in Spanish), I was in awe at the talent shown throughout the entire week.

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