On my 2015 travel to do list is to feel like a local in my birth country.

Ariana from The Bosnian Aussie

“We must take adventures to understand where we truly belong”.

Sounds silly right! But if you were born in the country you live in, it may be hard to understand this feeling I have right now. Australia has been my home for most my life, and it’s incredibly beautiful, my heart just doesn’t belong here. In fact the whole of me doesn’t. I was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina, in southeastern Europe, and I was just four years old when the war started.

The Bosnian AussieMy family was lucky to escape to Australia, and even though I sound Aussie and I think in English, I still don’t feel exactly at home. My heart belongs back at my first home. It was the country I was meant to grow up in and be with family. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved my life growing up in Australia. We moved here for a better chance in life, but as an adult I’m realising I don’t have a sense of belonging. Maybe it’s the wanderlust that makes me want to see more of the country I missed out on, maybe it’s the feeling I get when I’m around my own people in the lush green and rocky landscapes!

The Bosnian AussieSo I booked a one-way ticket for June for Bosnia, and will be volunteering in my favourite city, Mostar, travelling on days off, doing tours for the blog, and learning about the country I was meant to grow up in. It might be what I need to see where I belong, and to feel like a local in my own birth country.

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