2015 is going to be a big year for me, as I embark on my first overseas adventure.

Ashlee from Global Wanderlust

Leaving my small-town home, my family, and my cat back in Australia, I’ll be heading to Europe for ten months and have a massive European destination bucket list. I compiled this bucket list with no limits in mind and this is my 2015 Travel To-Do List. It’s ambitious, but I’m determined to tick off as many of the sixty-six destinations as I can. I’m also determined to add more destinations to this list — including some that I haven’t even heard about yet!

Europe by Ashlee Angus from Global Wanderlust Having lived in Australia all my life, Europe is very intimidating. The sheer amount of beautiful towns and countries is overwhelming, and I don’t want to miss any. To put it simply: my Travel To-Do List is to explore, seek adventure, and discover. I have a backpack and a budget, as well as a severe case of wanderlust.Europe by travel blogger Ashlee Angus from Global Wanderlust

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