Visit 50 Countries

Laura from Savored Journeys

I’ve been traveling for almost 20 years, and while I was perhaps slow to pick up speed, in 2015 I will hit a long-time goal to visit 50 countries. In May, my husband and I will be going on our first-ever cruise: a 12-day trip to the Baltic and Northern Europe. Amsterdam is our final port of call, making Holland my 50th visited country. Fellow travelers already know that this is more than just a numbers goal; it’s a reflection of the person I’ve become, the character I’ve built, and the magnitude of things I’ve learned.

Laura Lynch in EgyptIn those 50 countries, I’ve seen more, learned more and grown more than I can imagine doing without traveling. All of the stories I have to tell of being smuggled across the border of Croatia, nearly getting trampled by a herd of elephants in South Africa, and climbing into the belly of an ancient pyramid in Egypt — those experiences make me want to prioritize travel. So, when we reach Amsterdam, I’ll celebrate of course, and then I’ll reset my goal to 100. It’s what any world traveler would do, right?

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