Explore more of my own country.

Kelly from Endlessly Exploring

I have lived in Australia for my whole life, yet I’ve barely scratched the surface in my own backyard. It’s funny; I often meet people from countries across the world who have travelled more of Australia than I have! This year I aim to make the most of what surrounds me and to recognise that I don’t need to leave my home country in order to travel.

The Australian Coast by Kelly from Endlessly ExploringThat’s why for 2015 I set myself the challenge of taking a trip somewhere new every month – that way I’ll see and discover more of Australia. These trips don’t necessarily have to be ‘big’ trips, they could be as simple as going for a day trip down the coast, exploring a new hiking trail or going to a different side of town. So far this year I’ve had a trip down along the Great Ocean Road and another down to the Mornington Peninsula.


What’s on your 2015 travel to-do list? Let us know in the comments!