View of Montreal from The Summit Park in Westmount

After packing my car until 3am and then getting up at 8 to finish up, Kim and I finally rolled out of Montreal around noon. A few weeks earlier I had bought a Groupon for a wine tour in a rural area outside of the city, so we went in search of the place. Of course I had subconsciously wanted to make this a difficult task so I wrote down neither the name of the place nor the address. “We’ll just call them and get directions” I said to Kim. Not exactly my best plan ever.

winery in Bromont, Quebec, Canada

So after driving back and forth for a good hour (at least) we finally make it to the a winery. I had spoken to the lady at the winery about 10 times on the phone by now so as we entered the boutique at this winery, I approached the woman behind the counter and asked if we were at the right place. I took her look of confusion to mean no. But she offered us a free wine tasting, and who can say no to that – I mean really? So 25 dollars lighter and a bottle of Port heavier, we left to find the Groupon winery with clear directions from the lady (who was apparently from Geneva) at the first place.

Bromont of the ski hills but I'm not sure which one

We managed to get there without much more confusion, and were finally able to enjoy our Groupon-bought wine tasting and complimentary bottles of wine. Quebec is actually famous for their ice wines (most of their regular wines, to put it bluntly, are awful), so we went home with a couple bottles of delicious dessert wines.

Afterwards we headed to “Old Bromont” and had lunch on a beautiful terasse before checking out the adjoining Chocolate Museum. They had dozens of types of chocolate from all over the world. There was even a picture made entirely from chocolate! We did our best to avoid anymore detours and were (finally) on our way to Quebec City!

view from the terasse at the restaurant/chocolate museum

Picture made entirely of chocolate

Thanks to Kim for the pictures!