“CROSSING THE RIVER” was the first film I ever Costume Designed.

And it is finally hitting the festival circuit! The short film was recently accepted into the WAMM Fest (Women and Minorities in the Media). It’s crazy to me to think that I have been in costuming for over a year now! I am most excited to see the string of shorts and other film projects I’ve worked on to finally hit the big screen (or the festival screens, for that matter)!

The idea for the film stemmed from an article Writer/Director Emilie MacDonald had read about a cross burning. From the website:

CROSSING THE RIVER is a narrative short film about a modern-day hate crime. White teenage brothers Grant and Shawn, estranged from their mother, find the connection they are seeking with a racist older man. Michaela, an innocent 13 year old from a mixed-race family, is new in town. After tensions in the boys’ lives escalate, a cross is burned on Michaela’s lawn. The film explores the points of view of both the victim and perpetrators, and seeks to reveal how someone can be influenced to do something morally unspeakable.

I am a little apprehensive to see my designs on screen, but also exhilarated. I had so much fun working on this film; the process, though hectic at times, was relaxed, and the cast and crew meshed well together. The story played out beautifully on screen, and I am sure we will all be proud of the result.

Check out the trailer for CROSSING THE RIVER below:

You can also follow the film’s progress via Twitter.

To Celebrate my Debut, Here’s my “Autobiographical Rap”

I wrote this silly little rap out of boredom on the way to Savannah, GA back in May. It’s basically the story of my first year out of college and subsequent entry into the film costuming field.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any video to work on my aging computer, so you’re just getting sound bytes. Sorry!

In Case You’re Curious…

Here are the lyrics (if you can call them that). Yeah.

Give me a sec to introduce myself
My name’s Hayley Hart, and I’m from the South.
North Carolina is where I live,
but I roam through the country like sand through a sieve (oh, oh)
Yeah I’m from the South, but don’t get confused
cuz it ain’t that I just refuse to produce that southern twang
cuz I did spend some time way up in Maine.

Turned 22 and I moved to the North,
didn’t look back cuz I felt no remorse.
I moved to Canada,
where they say “eh”,
Oui, je parle un peu de français.
So I spoke some French and I made some friends,
and I wondered if I’d ever go back again,
but I got a job at a yoga store,
really liked that but I wanted somethin more
cuz I lost myself and I lost my health,
and I had to wait till May for the snow to melt.

But I drank some beer, and I ate poutine
(Montreal’s got some great cuisine)
but eventually, I had to leave,
so I packed my bags and I packed my car,
headed for the border didn’t get very far
cuz I spent some time travelin in the Northeast,
and I saw some states that I’d never seen,
but really, I wanted to be
way down South in the 8.0.3.

When I came home I browsed Craigslist,
tryna find something to hold my interest,
saw an ad looking for a costumer,
decided to apply just outta humor.
Then I headed to set, ready to go,
and now I love those people that I’ve come to know.

And a few months later this is my career,
just tryna gain experience like my peers.